Group Show – Young Guns – 20th November 2013 – 1st December 2013

HoM (House of Matahati) which is now known as HoM Art Trans is giving out the Young Guns award to recognize more young and upcoming Malaysian artists. This award is held tri-annually and is meant for the younger generation who are below 33 years old. Young Guns is a title usually referred to the upcoming generation of people who make a difference.

With this award, Hom Art Trans hopes to propel the career of the artists concerned, especially among those who are the best in their respective fields. There were many submissions with only 13 of them making the cut for standing out among all others. They were chosen for their impact their artwork had, their reputation in the art scene both locally and abroad as well as their consistency in their body of work.

All the 13 artists selected were recognized for their own set of methods and trademarks where they have already charted established names for themselves. They have achieved milestones in their onw way and had deserved the title. The exhibition is on show at MAP@ Publika’s White Box as well as at The Whiteaways Arcade in Georgetown, Penang, making this a truly unique, one-of-its-kind, 2-city art exhibition and celebration.

Artists Involved:
Samsudin Wahab
Haslin Ismail
Seah Ze Lin
Najib Bamadhaj
Anisa Abdullah
Chong Ai Lei
Fadilah Karim
Akhmal Asyraf Mohd
Donald Abraham
Azam Aris
Ruzzeki Harris
Mohd Al-Khuzairie Ali
Chi Too


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