Group Show – Young Malaysian Artists: New Object(ion) II – YMA II – 1st October 2013 – 24th November 2013

The prestigious Galeri Petronas is currently hosting a 2-month art exhibition called YMA II. Short for Young Malaysian Artists II, this is the second edition of the initiative by the gallery to provide a platform for young artists to showcase their body of work. The show started in 2010 as a channel for new artists who usually have a more radical approach to feature their skills to the audience.

New Objection is the theme and platform where artwork is derived from what is known as ‘new media’ which can be free from any type of barriers or restrictions. Going by this direction, artists are encouraged to be more explorative and in the process discover new methods and perhaps more cutting-edge artwork and installations.

20 young Malaysian artists have been selected to showcase their new media works that includes the likes of digital media and electronics. When it comes to exhibitions like these, the audience can expect a more engaging and interactive show especially when there are issues like social media and Web 2.0. The artists will be showcasing their thoughts and ideas in new methods of expressions which have been said to be as effective as traditional means like paintings sculptures.

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays – 10.00am – 8.00pm

Artists involved:
Azad Daniel Haris
Izat Arif
Abdul Latif Abdul Muid
Louise Low
Mohd Azrin
Chong Kim Chew
Lisa Foo
Tang Yeok Khang
Tiong Chai Heing
Andrialis Abd Rahman
Mohd Al-Khuzairie ali
Shahriah Mohamed Roshdi
Anabelle Ng
Hasanul Isyraf Idris
Syafiq Abdul Samat
Mohd Firdaus Mohd Herrow
Gan Tee Sheng
Shaliza Juanna Mohd Jeffry
Abdul Latif Ahmad Padzali
Haris Abdul Rahim Abadi


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