Hanim Hassan First Solo Exhibition; Sentuhan Sepi oleh Hanim Hassan ( Blessings; A Quiet Touch by Hanim Hassan)

Start Date
April 1, 2014
End Date
April 1, 2014
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Based on the tranquility found all around us, from movements of the human body, to the depths of the ocean floor, Hanim Hassan explores the quieter side of life by capturing memories on canvas that are often lost in a digital age of easy pictures. This is an invitation to all to rediscover what most people might have overlooked in our daily rush. Come and get reacquainted with life in “A Quiet Touch”.


There is beauty in every movement, and nothing is so much more profound than that which is expressed through the human body, especially in dance. Witness the passion in fiery colors, the language of emotions captured in bold, dynamic brushstrokes, as they are seen through the eyes of the artist.

Move across the floor and journey into the serenity of natural greens, where mother nature beckons quietly, where peace of mind can be found in vivid colors as an expression and celebration of life all around us. Relive days of childhood surrounded by the “kampung” atmosphere. Take a walk into the forests and flow along with the crystal clear river waters while having a peek at the many varied feathered creatures inhabiting within.

Dive into the mysterious world of the oceans and have a glimpse of the denizens depicted in puzzle-like pieces, as like mirrors lying in sleep beneath the shining and shimmering blue, occasionally illuminated by the light of the world. Elusive, fragmented yet part of a whole.

About the artist

Born in 1980, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Hanim Hassan nevertheless grew up in her hometown in Johor.

As a little girl, her first exposure to art came from her grandfather’s collection of paintings from Hussein Enas, Redza Piyadasa and other famous painters, where the world of colors piqued her interest to become an artist.

As she was growing up, she entered painting and drawing competitions whenever possible. Although she had never gotten 1st prize in these competitions, she had refused to allow this to dampen her spirits but strove to improve and never to give up. Her supportive parents were also a blessing to this budding interest.

In time, Hanim moved back to Kuala Lumpur and eventually joined the One Academy and later, Limkokwing University-College to further pursue her interest in art and product designing. With this bold move, her perceptions on art and culture were challenged with the many exposures offered by these institutions and from here, she started to explore the various styles and mediums available, always trying her hand at experimenting to find herself in her works.

Throughout the years, Hanim’s perception of peace and harmony has matured to a more profound sense. Unwilling to let the memories of her peaceful “kampung” childhood life remain as so, she paints of all the many visions that makes her happy. For inspiration, she returns to nature and interprets life, seen through her mind’s eye, with a deft yet careful touch of her brushes on canvas. And in return, she hopes that the happiness she has translated into her artworks will in time remind us of the many things we want to treasure in life.

Exhibition Period: Starting 4th to 28 September 2012

Time: from 9am to 6 pm (opens daily excepts on public holiday and sundays)

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