Hector Saunier – Solo exhibition – Symphony – 6th October 2012 – 30th October 2012

TJ Fine Art is currently hosting the latest series of works of Hector Saunier from Studio Counterpoint in Paris. The solo exhibition will be held at the Centrio Pantai Hillpark where it will be going on until the 30th October 2012. This show is entitled ‘Symphony’ and it will be featuring some of the best works of Saunier which encompasses prints and paintings.

Hector Saunier is an Argentinean artist who moved to Paris in 1961 after spending the first 25 years of his life under the dictatorial regimes and is educated in architecture before embarking into the fine arts. In Paris, he would then meet Stanley William Hayter from whom he would learn printmaking from at the prestigious Atelier 17.

After that, Hector would take up the Associate Director post at the gallery where he would continue to grow as an artist and practitioner with works that have compelled the world over. Today, his works is known for its subtlety and highly sophisticated where his interplay of line, colour and space has been seen in many countries around the world including Belgium, Spain, Cuba the United States as well as in Malaysia. The ‘Symphony’ exhibition would be further testimony of his expertise in printing and painting coming from one of the most remarkable artists of his time with some of the most exciting artworks seen in our shores.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturdays – 12.00pm to 6.30pm


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