Kuasa, Harapan dan Tanah exhibition at National Visual Arts Gallery

Start Date
April 16, 2014
End Date
April 16, 2014
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Malaysia recently celebrated its 55th anniversary of the Merdeka Day and in conjunction with this auspicious day, the National Visual Arts Gallery is bringing the ‘Kuasa, Harapan dan Tanah’ to express the sentiment of patriotism among the art-loving crowd of Malaysia.

The title means ‘Power, Hope and Land’ and this is an exhibition where you will be able to view some 48 artworks from the permanent collection of the gallery that focus on this theme. The exhibition is made up of works by patriot-artists who have over the years expressed their sentiments for the nation through their own unique artistic channels and media.

Apart from the artworks on display, there are also 2 video-footages from Aida Redza and Amir Zainorin, 2 of the contemporary performance artists while there are also 3 wall murals that welcome the visitor into the gallery. This exhibition combines the many phases of Malaysian history in many ways. One would be able to view and appreciate the more contemporary expressions of the title in the murals while there are also the more ‘traditional’ perspective of what patriotism meant to the artists like those that were painted before Merdeka. This can be seen in the likes of works by the late Datuk Ibrahim Hussein and Syed Ahmad Jamal.

The exhibition is the works of curator Intan Rafiza who wanted to promote art to the public as a form of story-telling, most prominently about the issues of humanity and spirit of solidarity and struggle of the whole pre and post independence episode of Malaysia.

One can read between the lines of the artwork being exhibited here that include Amir Zainorin’s ‘The Stamp Series’ while you will surely experience a sense of belonging to the struggles and the messages that have often been portrayed throughout history in this truly unique exhibition.

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