Letters to Mr. Hitler, New Works on Paper, Shopping Bags and Other Odds and Ends – Solo exhibition by Anurendra Jagadeva at The Arts House Singapore

One of Malaysia’s most prominent contemporary artists today, Anurendra Jagadeva will be holding his first ever solo exhibition in Singapore entitled ‘Letters to Mr. Hitler, New Works on Paper, Shopping Bags and Other Odds and Ends’. The figurative artist and writer will be showcasing his latest series of works which will be made using some unconventional material like shopping bags and paper.

The small body of new paintings were inspired through Anu (as he is fondly known) in his recent trip in Germany as the name implies. It attempts to draw a parallel between the society of Germany and the multi-cultural environment of his home in Malaysia. Anu applied different types of surfaces in the completing of his new works that include little blue Tiffany & Co boxes and that is his usually experimental self.

The show is set to be held from 4th to 8th October 2012 at The Arts House in Singapore. The 1965 born artist holds a Master of Fine Arts from Monash University in Australia. He was a former writer and a law degree holder and has been actively involved in the contemporary art scene not only within Malaysia but abroad as well. Throughout his career, Anu has established himself as one of the serious contemporary artists not confined to the usual conventional art methods of the industry where he injects very innovative ways to demonstrate his art.

Where this is concerned, Anu’s work has been known to be very thought provoking as those seen in his solo shows with Wei-Ling Gallery in 2008 and with Valentine Willie Fine Art’s ‘Melancholic Mantras’. Anu’s body of work has addresses issues like politics, religion and culture and has been one of the more cutting-edge works seen in the Malaysian art scene in recent years. The ‘Letters to Mr Hitler’ show would be an interesting and exciting one which will propel his messages even stronger through Anu’s unique work of art and expression.


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