Photography Show – Context – 18th January 2014 – 15th February 2014

malaysia-contextThe FineArt 69 gallery is currently hosting a photography show entitled ‘Context’. The show will run until the 15th of February and is the first show for this year from this exciting gallery. The works of 4 up and coming photographers are on show here which is Mahen Bala and Azwan Mahzan from Malaysia and Singaporean Alecia Neo.

It is often very common for audiences to have a pre-conception when viewing photographs as one might need to view the work from a certain angle to qualify them as any form of art. But the 3 photographers have somewhat put all that in ‘context’ which offered a fresh take on this discipline.

There are in total 42 photograps on show in ‘Context’ in which they put their lenses to their own expressive modes. Azwan Mahzan is perhaps the most ‘local’ among the three where he took shots of Kuala Lumpur, which is close to heart and pretty much at home while Mahen displayed his works that were snapped in Japan. Alecia on the other hand took shots of her home in Singapore and from the United States.

The challenge really is to see what the photographers see which is why such artworks usually get mixed-reactions and invoke very interesting emotions.

Artists Involved:
Alecia Neo
Mahen Bala
Azwan Mahzan


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