Photography Show – Dan Lain-Lain – 31st August 2013 – 30th September 2013

In conjunction with the currently going on Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations, the Interp8 Art Space is hosting a photography entitled ‘Dan Lain-Lain’. Based on the familiar local phrase used and seen in form-filling for any sort of applications as well as a common figure or speech, ‘Dan Lain-Lain’ features the art works of Malaysian photographers.
The theme is derived from mainly from the ‘race’ field in forms that Malaysians complete all their lives and this is most often seen in official documents. This exhibition will showcase how diverse Malaysia is through the works of Dome Nikong, Javad Tizmaghz, Prakash Daniel and Nadirah Zakariya and Junad M Nor. Each of the artists will attempt to prove that Malaysia is not just about the Malays, Chinese and Indians but is a lot more than that.

The photographers have projected their works onto 10-foot high prints, all of which show how they interpret the term actually means to them and how they see the current societal scenario. There are some very interesting portraits which have been enlarged to show the details of what Malaysians are like. This is an interesting set of works that invokes the inner thoughts of the viewer, drawing one into the expressions and the interesting takes of the prints exhibited.


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