Photography show – Georgetown in Black and White – 2nd September 2013 – 30th September 2013

The Camera Museum Gallery in Penang is currently hosting a photography showed entitled ‘Georgetown in Black and White’. As the name implies, it will surely be featuring photographs that will depict the capital of Penang in black and white prints.

This show will be featuring the works of 3 photographers namely Sean Thow, Nikko Tan and Karen Sim. With such a strong history and heritage, Georgetown becomes the perfect platform because the aim of this show is to capture the essence and soul through the use of black and white technique. Such is the quote made by Ted Grant, a famous photojournalist who said that by photographing in black and white, a person photographs the soul.

The city of Georgetown would be the perfect location, with its historical backgrounds and rich culture to showcase the wonders and beauty of black and white photography.

The works on show here would surely provide a walk down memory lane and this is a great platform to see how Georgetown was before the city looks the way it does now. Some of the prints in this show are for sale in which proceeds will be channeled fully to the DSA (Penang Down-Syndrome Association) to help in their efforts to help parents and families of children with Down Syndrome.




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