“Silent Diary” solo exhibition by Faizal Suhif at G13 Gallery

Currently showing at the G13 Gallery is a collection of works by Faizal Suhif. The solo exhibition will showcase just why Faizal is so known for his printing techniques. The show is entitled ‘A Silent Diary’ where it is one show which can be said to be highly personal to him.

This would be the result of Faizal’s travel to Bali which was sponsored by G13 Gallery where he produces some of the most compelling artworks of today. He went to Ubud in the middle of Bali and spent am on there through this residency programme and returned home with a heart full of emotions and intentions for the arts.

That becomes the melting pot for Faizal to produce his latest works which are usually very poetic and expressive. This series of work, apart from being personal to him is also pretty spiritual. They commensurate the very nature of the artist’s own background with what he learnt through this journey to one of the art capitals of the region and thereby bringing home a combination of rich and highly provoking artwork.

Faizal has been actively involved in the Malaysian art scene in which he is part of the Warna art movement. Apart from that, he has also been previously involved in several group shows which have seen his work exhibited in the likes of Galeri Petronas, Galeri Shah Alam and many more within and outside the country. For his techniques, he has won awards and accolades including Honourable Mention at the NBC First Screen Biennale Japan in 2007 and the Consolation Prize at the Nando’s Art Competition in 2008.

Typically, you can expect to embark alongside Faizal’s artistic journey in his series of new works and dwell into the conundrum of arts, culture, history and perhaps a lot of traditions.


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