Solo Exhibition – Light Installation by Claudia Bueno – 13th February 2013 – 3rd March 2013

Start Date
April 3, 2014
End Date
April 3, 2014
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Wei-Ling Contemporary is currently hosting the Light Installation show by Claudia Bueno. Held at its art space at The Gardens Mall, the exhibition will be presented through 2 series entitled ‘Forgotten Cities’ and ‘Extracto’ which will be featuring the works of this remarkable Venezuelan artist known for her unique and original techniques encircling around using lights and shadows.

On one hand, the Forgotten Cities series will showcase Claudia’s travels around Southeast Asia where she links the elements of places she has seen that relates to her home in South America. Looking at the places through her own traditional and rustic lenses, ‘Forgotten Cities’ dwells into the places and its surroundings that seemed to have been forgotten in light of the vast and rapid development of these cities.

On the other hand, Extracto looks at a more subtle and objective perspective of life. It is in this series that Claudia seeks the balance of nature coexisting and integrating with technology. As the name implies, it is through the likes of extraction, testing and manipulation that have derived new materials that have become a certain way of life like a plastic bottle, a pipe and the likes of all that. The fusion of 2 very independent series of works that Claudia has put together will showcase her interpretations that seemed to blend together so perfectly that puts her among the most impeccable artists of today.

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