Solo Show – Beyond the Nature – 14th December 2013 – 13th January 2014

malaysia-patricklasakThe MoMA Fine Arts Gallery in Kuala Lumpur is currently hosting a solo art exhibition entitled ‘Beyond the Nature’. The MoMA (which stands for Maison of Malaysian Arts) Fine Arts Gallery is one of the more recent galleries that has been bringing some of the most exciting artworks from contemporary artists to our shores and for the Malaysian art-loving public, especially those in Klang Valley.

This ‘Beyond the Nature’ show was fittingly used as the platform to help the victims of the floods along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia late last year. As such, MoMA, together with MANNA Ministry held a fund raising campaign on the opening night on 14 December for the East Coast Peninsular Malaysia Flood Relief Fund. MANNA Ministry is a community service project run by the River Life Sanctuary.

Lasak’s works have often been associated with the likes of nature and landscape where his unique technique and styles integrates still-life with fantasy elements. The artist is known to paint in large canvases using oil and acrylic paint where he has been actively involved since the 1970s. Lasak’s artwork is collected and exhibited in premium spaces around the world as well as in prestigious galleries and national museums.

Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays – 11.00am to 7.00pm


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