Solo Show – Inherent Qualities by Graham Green – 12th January 2014 – 26th January 2014

malaysia-inherentqualitiesThe Galeri Seni Mutiara will be hosting a solo art exhibition for the second half of January to kickstart the year. The exhibition is entitled ‘Inherent Qualities’ which will present the impeccable artwork of Australian artist Graham Green.

Green is a trained Graphic Designer where he earned his qualifications from the prestigious Melbourne Monash University. After graduating, he has worked and gained experience in design advertising studios in Melbourne and Sydney while venturing into his passion in painting.
Born in Bangalore in India, Green and his Anglo-Indian parents migrated to Australia when he was 11. The exhibition will be showcasing the sceneries that he observed and experienced during his stint in Penang. Green now lives and works between his home in Australia and in Malaysia. He is known to love the beach in his home country but little did he know that there is an entirely different culture in the Penang beaches which he gets to experience and cement them in his artwork.

Using his trademark portrayal and depiction of natural beach landscapes, he paints the beautiful landscapes of Penang using his own style and expression against the backdrop of the issues of modernization, its eventual effect on the surrounding and environment with children playing ball, fishes and other elements associated with the beach.


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