Solo Show – The Jewel of the Arctic – 1st March 2014 – 31st March 2014

malaysia-bonnieyapHeld at the ground floor of Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is a photography show that features the work of Bonnie Yap. The show is entitled ‘The Jewel of the Arctic’ which and will be held throughout the month of March and as the name implies will be featuring some of the sceneries in the Arctic which is not often seen around these parts of the world.

This charity photo exhibition seeks to highlight and emphasis on the issue of global warming which is fast affecting all the continents and more so with the North Pole which have often been reported to be losing stature and cold weather due to this issue.

The ‘Jewel of the Arctic’ show is held in conjunction with this year’s Earth Hour 2014 and features the breathtaking shots by Bonnie a renowned Malaysian photographer known for her exemplary works in this discipline. Being a charity event, the pieces of artwork on show here are for sale where all the proceeds of her photos and merchandise will be channeled for a good cause. They will be contributed to the children in Assunta Hospital who are in need of urgent financial aid for medical treatment and other procedures.


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