Solo Show – Let It All Rain Down From the Blood Stained Clouds – 21st December 2013 – 21st January 2014

The Project Room Fine Art is currently hosting a solo art exhibition by Khairul Azmi. The show is entitled “Let It All Rain Down From The Blood Stained Clouds” which will be featuring some of the fantasy-like works from Khairul who is fondly known as Meme in the local art scene where his works have been loved by many for his very unique approach and original techniques and styles.

Imaginative as the works are, but one will surely be inclined to associate Meme’s latest works with the likes of Tim Burton although the former offers a more eerie adoption and expression. There are 23 piece of artwork on show at the exhibition which will be covering paintings, drawings and mixed media works from this artist.

‘Let it all rain’ is the fourth solo exhibition form Meme which will surely propel this new contemporary art gallery to be one of the serious players in the local art scene since it was established earlier this year. Meme has been known to offer an explorative approach to his art where apart from the paintings; he exudes 3-dimensional projections into his works as well as some miniature figurines as well to be incorporated into his body of work.





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