Solo Show – MO: Formal (and) Scapes – 8th March 2014 – 31st March 2014

malaysia-moandscapesThe Project Room Fine Art is currently hosting a solo exhibition by Dhavinder Singh. This show will feature 5 of his new works under the title ‘MO: Formal (and) Scapes’. The mixed media works will showcase his method of using visual and cerebral elements in fine art and that makes his works all the more interesting for the viewing and for the art lover.

The show will involve 7 other sketches where together with the 5 main works are all for sale between RM1,6000 and RM12,000. The title of the work is used to illustrate the formalistic approach of the artist who has adopted landscapes as his starting point in expressing his body of work.

This is one area which puts Dhavinder in a unique position as an artist because of his use of material like saffron and sand and other natural matters like stones and flowers. In many ways, the works adopts the use of materials that are quite common but is given a whole new perspective and life by the artist. As such, the works become intriguing in their own way, often provoking the thoughts of the viewer in trying to derive the message that Dhavinder is portraying.





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