Solo Show – The Weaver – 20th September 2013 – 29th September 2013

Held under the ‘Our Art Projects’ initiative is a solo show by Malaysian contemporary artist Shia Yih Ying. The show is entitled ‘The Weaver’ and one would surely be forgiven to have a preconception that this has something to do with the art of weaving in the world of textiles.

And true to that, this show can somewhat be perceived as weaving which is the process of how Shia’s art is. As seen in her previous works, there has always been a certain element of storytelling in Shia’s artwork and that is what she is showing in her latest solo exhibition.
The intervening of her experience in motherhood together with all her personal thoughts and expressions of what is happening around the world around her, it is a unique method to see what the Malaysian family is like through Shia’s eyes.

The exhibition takes place in White Box, MAP KL which will be showcasing to look back at Shia’s body of work and offerings in the last 5 years. While one can see the maturity and the change in methods that Shia had adopted throughout this time, her trail of thoughts seemed to have the same story-telling fantasy to it, and that is just what makes Shia’s works a joy to see.

Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays – 12.00pm to 6.00pm


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