Tajuddin Ismail – Solo Exhibition – Mind, Matter & Metaphor – 5th November 2012 – 30th November 2012

Start Date
April 2, 2014
End Date
April 2, 2014
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One of Malaysia’s most established fine artists, Tajuddin Ismail will be having his solo show at a recently established new art space Segaris Art Centre. The show is titled ‘Mind Matter & Metaphor’ and it will showcase Tajuddin’s works which explore the traits behind his artworks. This would be a typical art show by Tajuddin who has over the years drawn the viewer into his realms of creativity in his own unique ways which are known to be immersing and indulging.

Through Tajuddi’s body of work, the audience will be invited to take a closer look at his production and to try and understand what he tries to convey. Such is the usual philosophy of Tajuddin’s art which will in this show demonstrate a labyrinth of time and space as well as in the area of making marks and mark making. His works are thought provoking while exuding the very techniques that have place Tajuddin among Malaysia’s most interesting artists. While his paintings are highly personal in his own way, the audience would be able to get what he is painting by making closer observations and to read between the lines, one trademark which is not commonly adopted or demonstrated by many artists of today.

Opening Hours – Mondays to Sundays – 10.00am to 7.00pm

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