Takde Sape Suroh – Group Show 2016

The Arto Movement is hosting a group art exhibition which will feature 14 emerging and young contemporary artists entitled Takde Sape Suroh. This show will be held at Port Commune where there will be 26 pieces of artworks on show that will feature some of the most exciting body of works, themes and art from this group of practitioners.
Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays- 9.30am to 6.00pm
Artists Involved:

  • Alif Azman
  • Aliff Iqmal
  • Amir Amin
  • Dinn Diran
  • Edroger Rosili
  • Ezwa Hasin
  • Fadhli Ariffin
  • Fatah Taib
  • Kamal Sazali
  • Khairani Ahmad Zaquan
  • Khairul Ehsani Sapari
  • Megat Zaim Zharif
  • Nazrul Hamzah
  • Nizar Sulaiman


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