‘Toi, Nature et Moi’— Group Exhibition at Alliance Francaise

Start Date
April 1, 2014
End Date
April 1, 2014
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This coming October, head on to Kuala Lumpur’s Alliance Francaise where there will be an art exhibition by 2 Malaysian groups. Entitled ‘Toi, Nature et Moi’ it means ‘You, Nature and Me’ where the show will be held between 5th and 26th October.

As the name implies, the artwork that will be exhibited in the ‘Toi, Nature et Moi’ show will encircle around the importance of nature and conserving it. The 2 groups that are involved in this exclusive exhibition is ‘Seni Collective’ which is based in Kuala Lumpur and ‘Team In-Fest’ a Melaka-based group.

The former is the brainchild of Ashly Nandong, a Dayak Sarawakian artist whose body of work incorporated the cultural and traditional motif intertwined with the modern techniques of contemporary art. The work from this group centres around the natural and cultural landscape of the country and as seen in their previous show entitled ‘Nature R Us’, the message of conservation and preservation was loud and clear.

Meanwhile, the Melaka group, Team In-Fest came around late last year in the sleepy art scene of the historical city of their own exhibition which was to celebrate what they called a ‘collected creativity’ that focused mainly on the spirit of collaboration in art. Since then, Team In-Fest has grown by leaps and bounds and have become quite a strong movement in the southern state. Today, they are one of the most vibrant groups that have organized several events in the arts. From the original team of visual artists and musicians, it is now one that promotes the arts with a group of writers joining the fray as well.

With 2 of the emerging art groups at the Alliance Francaise, it would be an interesting and surely exciting exhibition which would demonstrate the essence of Malaysian art to the enthusiasts and would definitely be a great event to immerse, indulge and cultivate the sense of belonging and association with nature and its elements with works by artists like Roger Soong, Amir Esfandiyar, Nora Pruyser, Cristjen Lai, Ashly Nandong, Ali Akbar Othman, Razak Ismail, Jon Bagul, Satria Utama and Fuad Shahminan.

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