Hong Kong Art Fair 2011

The 2011 Hong Kong Art Fair took place recently and this time around, there was a much larger crowd due t the increased number of participants at the fair. There were exhibitions as well as other related activities and programmes catered to art lovers in Hong Kong that involved more than 260 galleries participating.

The events and programmes held throughout the duration of the fair were catered to help promote the works and profiles of Asian artists with their work being showcased by the galleries who represent them. Galleries from not only Hong Kong but the surrounding regions were at the fair to promote their art pieces as well as their artists. Among the ‘louder’ artists who showcased their works were that or Ai WeiWei and David LaChapelle whose works were deemed controversial. Ai is no stranger to controversy as he was previously arrested for tax evasion while LaChappelle’s work ‘The Raft’ touched on political issues.

Other renowned artists whose works and influence were seen at the fair include the likes of Wu Jian’an, Zhang Huan, Kacey Wong as well as Damien Hirst and Pablo Picasso.
So good were the response of the 2011  Hong Kong Art Fair that they are already preparing for the next one set to take place from 17 to 20 May 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With more than 63,000 visitors at the 2011 edition which is a 38% increase as compared to the year before, they would surely be expecting many more for the 2012 event.


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