Short+Sweet Festival Malaysia – klpac

Set to be one of the most exciting and anticipated performing arts event coming up soon is the Short + Sweet Festival which is set to be held at klpac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) in Sentul. It is actually the biggest short play festival in the world which was first staged in 2002 at Australia’s Newtown Theatre.

With the show scheduled for klpac, it would be the fourth edition and this is actually a festival type of event where it is aimed at providing the platform for aspiring performers to showcase their talents.

Here is where one would be welcomed by a creative and professional environment where it will involve writers, directors, actors, choreographers, dancers and related talents in these areas who are established or aiming to be.

There would be 10 minute plays, dance pieces and choreography pieces for these artists to strut their stuff. The plays could be performed in any language and then the audiences would be able to judge their performances.

There will be a concluding show with a Gala Night planned as well

This is considered to be one of the efforts to help aspiring talents to have their works seen and shown to the public as well as to discover new and creative talents for the performing arts industry of Malaysia.


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