Fragile Earth Series by Drew Harris – NN Gallery
June 23, 2012
Tanpa Name / Anonymous Art Exhibition @ Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery
June 23, 2012

29th Annual Exhibition by Penang Watercolor Society

The Malaysian watercolour art scene is set to welcome the 29th Annual Exhibition by Penang Watercolor Society where it would involve some of the best watercolour works of today’s contemporary artists. The show will be entitled ‘ME + U’ and it will encompass works of artists who will be painting self-portraits of themselves as well as one very iconic painting of YB Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Malaysia. It would also involve paintings of friends and relatives of the artists and would be a great event for you to be mesmerized in the watercolour works of some of the best Malaysian artists of our time. The Penang Watercolor Society is one of the largest art movements which focuses on this medium and has been organizing shows and events to promote watercolour art within the local scene as well as abroad.

The exhibition will be held from 1st until 24th June 2012 and the event will be officiated on the 9th June 2012 at 4.00pm. The 29th Annual Exhibition by Penang Watercolor Society will involve 40 pieces of artwork from renowned and emerging watercolour artists who are mainly from Penang. This is the annual event which is usually one which is highly anticipated held by the society to help develop and nurture the watercolour medium among artists of Malaysia. The show will be held at the Penang State Gallery at the Dewan Sri Pinang and would be a great place for you to view and appreciate some of the works of artists and their depiction of human expressions in this uniquely beautiful art form.

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