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June 5, 2012
Transformations: Human, Symbol, Letters Exhibition of Drawings by Miroslav Cipár at Soka Gakkai Malaysia
June 6, 2012

Ahmad Scissorshand – Core Design Gallery

With such a unique and captivating name like ‘Ahmad Scissorshand’, it would surely make anyone sit up and take notice. The art exhibition brings together a group of artists where it is organized by Core Design Gallery in Subang Jaya. The show is currently going on and will be concluding on 17 June 2012. The idea behind ‘Ahmad Scissorhands’ is a fusion of west and east. Inspired from the movie name ‘Edward Scissorhands’, one would surely draw an association between the show and the exhibition.

The exhibition attempts to bring together the unique Malaysian identity and western influences and you can expect some dark and gothic art elements in the works of these artists. This is mainly driven through the elements of the movie created by Tim Burton, who has a penchant for such characters. However, if the elements are brought into the Malaysian scenario, it would offer a totally different set of expectations. The contemporary artists would be inflicting their own perception and expressions along the likes of funny looking characters, comedy, fantasy, horror and other elements all fixed into one. The theme is the main attraction of the show and the gallery has been turned into a Burton-esque theatre where there are paintings, installations, sketches, digital art and other art form which will fulfil your curiosity. The artists involved in the show are Ali Azraie Bebit, Aely Manaf, Ashriq Sudin, Azizan Talkis, Deyanna Deraman, Faizal Suhif, Hilal Mazlan, Haafiz Shahimi, Jamil Zakaria, Khairy Shamsuddin, Liu Cheng Hua, Nizam Abdullah, Raja Lope Rasydi, Raja Azeem Idzham, Syafiq Hariz and Shafiq Ali’am.

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