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May 15, 2012
Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum: Architecture in Islamic Arts – The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
May 23, 2012

Peasant Landscapes II: Unique pieces by local masters Khalil Ibrahim and Shafurdin Habib

If you are a fan of art from the traditional masters, then you must head out to the KL Lifestyle Art Space where you will can enjoy some of the best works of renowned Malaysian fine artists Khalil Ibrahim and Shafrudin Habib. The show is entitled ‘Peasant Landscapes II’ and it will bring together the works of Khalil and Shafrudin in a totally unique art exhibition.

The ‘Peasant Landscapes II’ is an exhibition which will integrate some old and more recent works of both the artists where they will putting out some of their mastery through the expression of portraits, landscapes as well as abstract paintings. The show is currently going on and will conclude on 15 June and you can visit the gallery every day and admission is free. Be sure to visit the works of Khalil Ibrahim who is one of the most established and respected fine artists of his time. His signature paintings of life and practices of the East coast have become quite an icon in their own accord while he also depicts his views of India and the United Kingdom can be viewed. The watercolour works of Sharfudin is the other highlight of the show where you will gain a true understanding of peasantry life in Malaysia through Shafurdin’s kampong life paintings. His mastery of this art form has made Shafrudin one of the most distinguished watercolour artists in Malaysia today and the KL Lifestyle Art Space would be the ideal place for you to appreciate the works of this legendary artist.

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