Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum: Architecture in Islamic Arts – The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is currently holding an exhibition entitled ‘Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum: Architecture in Islamic Arts’. The exhibition is held from 30th March 2012 and will conclude 29th June 2012 which will showcase some 100 artefacts from the Aga Khan Museum Collection. This is essentially a travelling exhibition where the artefacts have travelled to many countries around the world into some very famous and renowned museums where it was at the State Hermitage Museum in Russia’s St Petersburg before coming to the Islamic Arts Museum.

There are 6 sections involved in this show where they are divided among ‘The Palace’ where they focuses on the residences of the royals and their families, ‘Religious Funerary Architecture’ that involves mosques and commemorative shrines and sites, ‘Sacred Topographies’ where paintings and drawings depict the sites and structures involved during the Islamic pilgrimage, ‘Gardens, Pavilions and Tents’ involving artefacts on shelter, ‘Architecture and the Written Word’ that dwells with the architectural spaces that are found within miniature paintings and artwork and ‘The Fortress and the City’ that depicts towns that were fortified and related forts.

There are quite a lot to see at the exhibition more so if you are a lover of architecture and the arts

Among the attractions you can expect at the show include ornamental doors, paintings in Muslim art, earthenware elements, tiled arches and many more, all of which will give you a clearer understanding of a certain artistic era of the Islamic history.


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