Masterpiece in Motion – by Singapore Dance Theatre

The Singapore Dance Theatre Ltd and klpac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center) is presenting the show entitled Masterpiece in Motion which will be held at Pentas 1 of klpac from 29 to 30 April.


Ticket prices are at RM43 for everyone while students and the disabled need only pay RM18 for the 8.30pm shows. There will also be a matinee show on the 30 April at 3pm with ticket prices at RM33 and RM18 for the disabled and for students.

At the main show, you will be able to see Concerto Barocco by George Balanchine, ‘As Above, so Below’ by Edward Liang and ‘Nameless’ by Xing Liang while the matinee will have ‘Hold the Fourth’ by Daniel Roberts instead of Balanchine’s routine. Where Balanchine’s performance is a well established one, ‘As Above, So Below’ is created based loosely on the ‘bardo’ notion in Buddhism which is the dimension between earth and heaven. ‘Nameless’ premiered at the 2010 Esplanade Dance Festival and Malaysians can now enjoy the dance at klpac. ‘Hold The Fourth’ meanwhile is the result of the recent 2010 Passages choreographic workshop.



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