Cosmic Mambo, Wei-Ling Contemporary, The Gardens

The Cosmic Mambo show will be held at the Ground Floor of The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City under the Wei-Ling Contemporary Gallery from September 12 to October 10 and this will be the solo exhibition of Amin Gulgee. The artist is known for his work in Sufism which is a spiritual side of the Islamic faith and his body of work is known to have exuded a lot of these elements. One should be aware that Amin’s work have been known recently to be made with bronze and copper where he produces sculptures which are abstract, 3D calligraphy as well as wearable jewelry.

Always an artist who expresses his feelings in his paintings, this would be one of his most revolutionary shows as it would include work which have been produced through his ‘Cosmic Chapatti 1’ and ‘Spider 1’ works respectively. Here is where one would be able to appreciate the Islamic tradition of architecture and sculpture where Amin will also be exhibiting the widely anticipated sculpture which he worked with Lim Cho-Wei, a Malaysian architecture and the result was an installation made up of 64 copper leaves. The gallery is opened throughout the day from 11am to 9pm and admission is free.


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