Dream Pipes – Gallery Chandan

The Gallery Chandan is holding the ‘Dream Pipes’ art exhibition which is set to run from 28 May to 22 June 2012.

This show will be displaying the works of Suhaidi Radzi which is inspired from the childhood dreams and ambitions which were literally shouted in simplicity

The title is used to showcase the fact that childhood ambitions are seldom realized as things were easier to fathom and comprehend while it becomes harder to realize as one grows older.
The lost of innocence and the experience of growing up and maturity would see changes in life and love and this is the works of Suhaidi who is expressing his test of personal limits.

Typically, ‘Dream Pipes’ demonstrates the very ideology of where and how dreams have become as one grows older and they include some very personal work from this established fine artist. Comprising of paintings, sculptures and such, you will be able to immerse in the artist’s flow of thought with no reservations and he uses a variety of medium to experiment and express his artwork.

The works in ‘Dream Pipes’ are highly imaginative where you will be required to interact with the artist through his body of work. It promotes the idea and need to let go off some of the culture and practices that we hold so dearly while promoting a freedom of expression and thoughts through his ideas, concepts and perceptions. The translation of such models into the installations and other art form has been meticulously expressed in the show and visitors are welcomed to indulge into this fantasy world that intertwines so well with reality.


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