Form Unknown Made – Ahmad Osnei Peii – Wei-Ling Gallery

The Wei-Ling Gallery is holding an art exhibition entitled ‘Form Unknown Made’ by Ahmad Osnei Peii, one of the most renowned international sculptors today with an international reputation. Osni Peii has been living in the United States for the last 4 decades before residing in Kuala Lumpur and the Indonesian sculptor has exhibited his works around the world that include Spain, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada as well as in many places around the United States.

The award winning artist has also been involved with many galleries and museums around the world where his works have been in their respective permanent collections through commissioned projects and such.

Osnei Peii’s expression in the idea of space is known to be highly influenced through the Constructivism movement and this show ‘Form Unknown’ is set to push the subject matter even further. Hence, it is normal that his works exude the likes of old master greats like Paul Klee, Max Bill and Naum Bago and you will be able to appreciate some of his best works at Wei-Ling Gallery in which Osnei Peii has used the likes of geometric visual elements through his influence of Islamic philosophies.

The sculptors are very unique and are very personal to the artist himself where you can immerse into his philosophical and artistic realms. This would be Osnei Peii’s first exhibition in Malaysia in more than 10 years and the solo show will be opened to the public from 11am to 9pm daily at Wei-Ling Contemporary at The Gardens Mall.


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