Fragile Earth Series by Drew Harris – NN Gallery

The NN Gallery recently held a solo exhibition by renowned artist Drew Harris. The exhibition took place from 12 May to 2 June 2012 and was entitled ‘The Fragile Earth Series’ where Drew’s latest works were shown. This new series was the comeback exahibition for the Canadian born artist after having been away from the Kuala Lumpur art scene for the past 6 years where he was primarily involved in Penang in the education and development of the art scene there.

Drew’s ‘The Fragile Earth Series’ shown his latest mixed media and acrylic paintings while it also exhibited some of his monoprints and it involved some of his very personal works and exploration of nature. Drew of course is no stranger to the Malaysian art scene where he has been actively involved with exhibitions around the country since the 1990s where he is currently based in Penang with Sher Mazwari, his wife who is also an artist.

The new paintings depict various expressions of nature as his main subject matter where texture and cracks are commonly seen. Some of the paintings are like satellite images while Drew expresses his emotions of issues like global warming and the decaying earth situation through them. The message was simple and that is of global preservation. That the worst enemy that man has is his own and that change is important to ensure that the coming generations would have continue to have a place to continue existing, a strong message which remains relevant and very much evident in today’s environment.


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