Homeland Beyond Time Exhibition 2nd – 16th July @ klPAC

The Homeland Beyond Time art exhibition is set to be held from 2 to 16 July at KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) and this would be the solo show for artist Nancy Lau. Nancy comes from historical and cultural state Malacca and this would be her latest solo show who have been a designer since her young age. Nancy started off enjoying the likes of hairstyle and costume design and began venturing into her artistic passion after learning that she has quite a talent in this area.

She would then study Graphic Design at the prestigious Malaysian Institute of Art and continued on to work in the advertising industry after that.

Nancy was also involved in the education of the arts where she lectured in prestigious institutions like Saito Academy of Art, MIA, Central Academy of Art, PJ College Art as well as the Baruvi Academy of Art and then started Little Artist Field that operates 2 children art centre in Cheras. Nancy learnt fine art from renowned artist Yeo Eng Peng where she has continued to work on her passion and the ‘Homeland Beyond Time Exhibition’ would be where one would be able to see her latest works.

Nancy works with a variety of media that range from acrylic to oil paint where her works are focused around landscapes and sceneries. She has also previously been involved in art exhibitions organized by galleries like NN Gallery, Art Village and many others as well as in art auctions and other art related events.


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