Machines by Ivan Lam – July 2012 @ Wei-Ling Contemporary

Ivan Lam is no stranger to the contemporary art scene in Malaysia. Known for his printmaking artwork in the early stages of his career, he is back with another solo show and this will come about in July 2012. The art exhibition is entitled ‘MACHINES’ and will feature the new works from this artist where it will be held at the Wei-Ling Contemporary art gallery at The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.

‘MACHINES’ will involve 3 large-sized paintings which were made and painted to represent the Holy Trinity depicted in Biblical doctrines

Ivan has been an artist who has been known to push the boundaries of his works since he first ventured into the Malaysian art scene where they have been thought provoking and commonly dwells in issues which many artists are most likely to avoid. His new series ‘MACHINES’ would not be any different where the iconic ‘3’ is also used to refer to the 3 main races in Malaysia and how they intertwine in a socially harmonious environment.

The powerful and strong message in Ivan’s new series of work will surely be captivating by its sheer size and the images that he is usually associated with and those that he most fondly uses in his work. The exhibition will be held from 5 July and will go on until 5 August 2012 where one will be able to view and appreciate works of this exemplary artist who has come a long way since his printmaking and pop art paintings and artwork.


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