Homeland Beyond Time Exhibition 2nd – 16th July @ klPAC
June 7, 2012
Within Darkened Disorder, Muse &Reverie… The Wicked Woman Let Out A Curse – Art Exhibition by Khairul Azmir Shoib (Meme) and Haslin Ismail @ TAKSU KL
June 7, 2012

Pertarungan by Amron Omar – National Visual Arts Gallery

Currently being held at the National Visual Arts Gallery is the ‘Pertarungan’ painting series by renowned Malaysian artist Amron Omar. The exhibition has been running since February this year and will continue until August where one would be able to immerse in some of the best works of Amron.

Amron Omar has been actively involved in his passion for art for more than 30 decades where he is known for his picture perfect depictions of paintings and sketches. His body of work is often engulfed within the rich and strong culture and traditions of the Malay ancestry and has often used the Malay art of self-defence like the Silat in his works. Hence, the ‘Pertarungan’ series will provide a strong account of his body of work of this subject matter.

The show will encompass more than 150 paintings that has carved his personality and stature as a true Malaysian artist. There will be a wide range of works from Amron that span across oil paintings, drawings on paper and others. Apart from that, there will also be sketches which will be on displayed that are loaned from collectors and those who have a piece of work by this remarkable artist. In fact, there will be a total of 608 sketches on tissue paper that has been collected over the years. The title is drawn from the Malay word for battle and it would depict the skills and brush strokes that Amron has cultivated through the years that have put him among the greats of Malaysian art.

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