The Publika Shopping Gallery is one of the latest additions to the thriving shopping industry of Malaysia and more prominently so in the Klang Valley. Located among the new and plush residential area of Dutamas, the Publika Shopping Gallery is home to many renowned art galleries and art related businesses while it is also a place where art is celebrated, promoted and indulged.

In Publika, there are many art and cultural events that comes around each month for art lovers to immerse and indulge in the arts where among them is an initiative undertaken by this highly innovative shopping gallery to incubate homegrown talents and entrepreneurs. This initiative is called the Art Row where it is essentially made up of 6 lots of retail outlets located in a prominent space within the Publika Shopping Gallery.

There are many initiatives and efforts that Publika organizes to promote and develop arts in its space and the Art Row would perhaps be one of the most unique ones because Art Row provides the marketspace for entrepreneurs and artists to actually reach their customers apart from the conventional art related programmes like art exhibitions and such.

How it works is that these spaces are rented out to anyone with anything artistic to sell or show. As space is limited, they will be given 3 months to showcase their works to the visiting public. The idea of Art Row is to incubate these businesses which allow them to establish themselves among the general public and to build a brand around the things they do and sell. On the other hand, Publika will bring in the crowd and visitors through their string of events and activities.

From there, the meeting of cultural minds and businesses can be made. Art Row offers a unique opportunity for the participants to try their artwork and creative designs among the commercial market where the rental is a fraction of the usual retail lot rates. Once the 3 months incubation term is up, they can then be upgraded to the full shoplots where they can fully establish themselves as full-fledge businesses.

Basically, Art Row is a very special method for artists and designers to work on their stuff and to market them into the world. This is the type of opportunity which is very rare as no shopping malls would even consider carrying such an initiative. There is also the F.A.B (Fuyoh Art Bazaar) which is an arts bazaar that comes around every first Sunday of the month.

Publika Shopping gallery, Shopping mall with the touch of Arts

It is not often that anyone can find a shopping mall in a vibrant city which focuses on a single theme all throughout the year and that is what Publika aims to do. Being one of the latest malls to join the many in the Klang Valley, Publika has become quite an icon in itself for having reinvented the idea of shopping.

In the midst of all the mega shopping malls which are very huge and hundreds of retail outlets, Publika stands out as the artistic and more creative one. In fact, Publika is the only mall which is this artistic. Developed by Sunrise Berhad and nestled among the newly built township of Dutamas, Publika is very much like an art gallery in itself so much so that it is often referred to as the Publika Shopping Gallery instead of the usual shopping mall persona.

To innovative factor about Publika is that it chooses to differ from the usually common shopping malls with chain stores, departments stores, cinemas and food courts. Visiting Publika gives the customer the impression that they are visiting an art gallery because almost every inch of the building seemed to exude art in every way.

The whole objective of Publika is to be innovative and that is one thing that no one can take for granted today, particularly in the stiff competition of the market. Publika is where it offers a ‘space for all’ where cultural activities can be held and enjoyed. The inspiration behind Publika was to bring art to life and vice versa, a strong statement and yet achievable here.
If looked closely, Publika Shopping gallery is actually made up of 2 rows of shophouses which have been given a makeover into an artistic and creative shopping space. It has been around for only a few years where today is a thriving place where ideas flow and creativity is manifested. It was originally planned to be called Republika but the name was not approved before it became what it is today.

To get to what it is today, the Publika Shopping Gallery was changed from the conventional shophouse format into an integrated shopping mall with a glass roof and a whole lot of architectural and interior design efforts. However, that is not the only thing that made Publika such an artistic space. They had to bring in the art scene to Dutamas which came through the likes of programmes, activities as well as galleries.

There are now designated art spaces like MAP which stands for Making Art Public. MAP is made up of 2 spaces namely White and Black Box respectively. The former is basically an art gallery while the latter is an experimental theatre that can accommodate up to 200 people.

Apart from that, Publika displays sculptures, paintings and many other types of art around its premises and that is the philosophy of this space. The KL Fashion Weekend, the KL Design Week and many other art festivals are also held here to draw the art loving crowd of Malaysia which essentially changes the idea of art appreciation. In Publika, art is everywhere.


1, Jalan Dutamas 1,, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia