Featured Malaysian Artists

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Ashly Nandong

Ashly Nandong is an emerging Malaysian artist, who studies the Borneo traditional ’Sapeh’ lute, traditional Dayak dance (performs dances of the Iban and Orang Ulu sub-ethnic Dayak people group of Sarawak) and is a self-thought contemporary visual artist incorporating Dayak designs which he inherits and continues to promote through his artistic endeavours.

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Johan Marjonid

Johan Marjonid who is also fondly known as JohMar is one of the Malaysia’s most established and known fine artists. He is widely regarded as being one of the few realists naturalist artists of the country.

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Debora Teo

For someone like Debora Teo, art is very much a passion. This can be seen in her artworks where her naive art paintings are truly unique, original and often thought provoking. After all, Debora would come across as someone who is emotionally very strong having underwent various stages of emotional stages in her life.

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