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Adlan Aman

Adlan Aman is a Malaysian born artist who was born in Kota Bharu in Kelantan in 1984. As an artist, Adlan has been involved in various art exhibitions where he has won awards to cement his standing among the established artists of Malaysia. From Kelantan, Adlan would learn his techniques at the University of Technology of Mara in his home state where he gained his Diploma in Fine Art from 2002 to 2005. He would then spend the next 2 years at the University of Technology Mara Shah Alam campus where he completed his Bachelor of Art in Fine Art.

After that, Adlan would continue to work on his artistic career where he went on to win various awards and was involved in art shows and exhibitions both within and outside Malaysia of which some of his works have travelled to as far as to the United State.

Adlan Aman’s Awards and exhibitions

Adlan Aman has established himself as one of the new generation of Malaysian artists where since graduating from his degree in Fine Art, he has won numerous awards and accolades. He won the First Prize in the KUBB Art Competition in 1993 before he went to university while in 2000, he won the Consolation Prize in the Art Competition Against Drugs in Kota Bharu. In 2006, he took home the consolation prize at the Tanjong Heritage Competition held in Kuala Lumpur and then was also in the same category at the CitraMekar Merdeka competition a year later where he also won the Major Award at the IMU International Art Competition. A year after that, he won the Third Prize at the Citra Terengganu Competition.

As an artist, he has been involved in several group shows that saw some of his work travelling to other parts of the world. From the Diploma Show at Maching in Kelantan to the Open Show Galeri Shah Alam, Adlan’s work has been seen and appreciated by art lovers around the country. He was also involved in the Malaysian Open Show Landscape organized by the National Art Gallery while in 2007, he joined the Flora Exhibition of Visit Malaysia 2007 in Putrajaya. That would also be one of his most active years when his art was exhibited at the Mel Art Suzlee Ibrahim Collection at the Galeri Shah Alam. Other shows that Adlan was involved in include the Merdeka Mural for 50 Years Independence by National Art Gallery as well as the Master Mystery Art Show held at the Ritz Carlton Miami Beach in the United States of America.

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