Helen Kim

Helen Kim

Helen Kim: Helen Kim is a Korean born fine artist who has since made her name among the Malaysian art scene. She is currently based in Penang where her works are seen to be emotionally engaging and thought provoking. In many ways, Helen’s paintings are edgy and out of the norm. She draws her inspiration through an introspective take on her experience and then project them so well into her works. Helen’s work are known to be very personal where a lot are drawn through her experience and interpretations in life.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, she obtained her Bachelor Fine Art from the Duck-Sung Women`s University in 1991. She then attended the Art Students League in New York where she then continued to obtain her Master in Art from the New York University in 1995. Since then, she has been actively involved with producing art pieces and has been in various group and solo exhibitions in Malaysia and her home country of Korea. In 2009, she was involved with the “Mystical Phenomenon” showe held at the Mutiara gallery Penang while she was also involved with the “The Visible and The Invisible” show at the Factory Gallery in Seoul in 2006. Her work was also exhibited at the Wei-Ling gallery as well as having traveled to the Gaya Art Space in Bali at the “Foot Bridge; Building Bridges thru ART 09” show.

Helen Kim’s Artwork

Helen Kim’s work is known to be deeply personal and hence one would usually be drawn into the journey of her life through her paintings. As seen in ‘Bloming’, Helen adopted the use of acrylic to paint her perception of a blooming flower but one cannot but observe a dropping petal. This can be seen as some sort of a paradox as blooming is the process of growing into a beautiful flower while dropping of a petal shows a detachment of some kind. In this painting, the message is clear, the process of growing up into a beautiful flower is like metamorphosis, something has got to give and the process along the way will involve detachment to a certain extent.

In her Untitled 3 painting, Helen imposed much of her emotions onto the canvas. Where this is concerned, Helen has been involved with numerous paintings of this type where she uses the emotions of the human face and adopts her own interpretations. Her works like ‘Melting’ and ‘lost girl’ all used images of the human face where she delivers an interesting state of how she interprets them. She uses strokes and her brush techniques to well that these portraits invoke a thought provoking emotion from the viewer.

Helen kim Untitled



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