Yusof Ghani

Yusof Ghani

Yusof Ghani’s Profile: Yusof Ghani is perhaps one of the most illustrated and celebrated Malaysian fine artist around. His artwork is very much demanded by collectors and galleries and his exhibitions are often frequented by renowned people and figures, colleagues in the art scene as well as appreciators. The artist was born in 1950 in Johor where he grew up and then continued his studies in the United States where he got his Bachelor in Fine Art majoring in Graphic Art in Virginia’s George Mason University. He then continued his Master of Fine Art in Washington DC at the Catholic University of America.

Yusof’s work is very much renowned in Malaysia and the surrounding regions where he is also a lecturer and Associate Professor of the Fine Art Department of Universiti Teknologi Mara in Shah Alam, where he began his teaching career. Throughout his art career, his work that encircles around human figures and landscapes and still life, he has had numerous significant series namely Tari, Topeng, Wayang, Hijau,, Segerak and most recently, Biring. His body of work is known to be in abstract expressionism where his techniques in brush strokes and such are considered to be one of the best around, unmatchable by any standards.


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