A+ Works of Art

The A+ Works of Art is perhaps one of the most recent and new art galleries in the Klang Valley. Involving mostly in contemporary art and practices, this is a new space that allows a lot of freedom of expressions from the artists who dwell into the likes of visual art, new media, performance arts, installations and very much into photography and video installations.

Why the name?

The name got its name from the grading system of excellence and distinction. This gallery is focused on finding and discovering artworks which are at that level and giving them the space to showcase to the audience. It is involved in exhibitions and most notably in collaborations where it works closely with not only other organisations but with artists as well instead of just representing them.

Among its most significant shows held here is the Kadang Kadang Dekat Dekat Akan Datang which has entered into a few editions. This show enjoyed tremendous success which was based on the riddle mentioned in a movie by legendary actor P Ramlee which covered not only visual arts but performances by renowned artistes as well, thereby underlining the main philosophy of the gallery.


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