Atelier 11

Atelier 11 is an art gallery located in Kajang, Selangor. Unlike other art galleries which are usually housed within upscale locations and premium residential areas, Atelier 11 offers a more alternative art space for the community and art lovers.

Events and services by Atelier 11

This is one art gallery which comes up with all types of art-related events where it has exhibitions throughout the year. It represents a wide range of local and regional artists and invites people from all walks of life to its space each time.
Besides exhibitions, Atelier 11 hosts workshops as well. One of the most successful shows that Atelier 11 organized in the past is the Malaysia-Korea Cultural and Art Exhibition 2018.

This show brought together some of the most exciting artists from both Malaysia and Korean to showcase their respective bodies of work to the Malaysian public and art community.

The Atelier 11 gallery is the brainchild of a renowned Malaysian artist, Loo Foh Sang. The gallery recently moved to its new location which now has 2 sections. One of the section is the gallery where artworks and exhibitions are held. On the other section is where Atelier 11 holds workshops all the time.


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