Findars Art Space

By artists for artists in Malaysia

The Findars Art Collective offers an exciting platform which is designed for the best of art in Malaysia. The name Findars means ‘the unbounded cultivation of self-exploration in arts’ and that is what it really means when you step into this space.

Background of Findars

As an art collective, Findars is made up of a group of practitioners and that is what it is known for. The group is made up of professionals from across the art scene. This includes filmmakers, graphic designers, performers and artists. Opened in 2008, it has since become one of the most inspiring art spaces that offer aspiring and established artists the perfect place to showcase their bodies of works while connecting with the art community across the region.

Looking to use art to communicate and connect with Malaysians from all walks of life, Findart Art Collective has great plans that will cover a lot of ground in the coming years. Its members are made up of Wong Eng Leong, Thong Yee Theng, Bannai Roo, Wong Min Lik, Chiang Meei Yi, Tey Beng Tze and Lim Keh Soon who are all established practitioners in their respective industries.


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