Fuman Art KL

Background of Fuman Art

Fuman Art is an exciting art space that bridges the best of Malaysian art with the surrounding regions. Managed by Antoine Fremon under Fuman Art Sdn Bhd, this elegant space holds all types of art-related events that include exhibitions as well as providing the platform for just about anyone interested including investments and management. Besides offering advice and consultation, Fuman Art conducts collaboration shows with renowned institutions like Henry Butcher and have had exhibitions in places like Maison Francaise, Kuala Lumpur. It has had a proven track record prior to opening its own space a few years ago.

Shows by Fuman Art

Over the years, Fuman Art has been actively involved in various shows including the ‘A La Carte’ held in Maison Franncaise, a solo show by Azizan Paiman. Prior to that, the gallery has had shows in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Singapore Art Museum as well as at the Cutlog Paris Art Fair.

Other services

Fuman Art has been involved in CSR activities and in projects to integrate art in the surrounding environment. On top of that, it helps with design services, street art like murals and urban projects, photography, installations and performances.


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