G13 Gallery

The G13 Gallery has been one of the most active art galleries from Malaysia. Located in Kelang Square in Petaling Jaya, G13 Gallery represents a wide range of both local and regional artists. It organizes various shows and collaborative projects with art-related organizations from near and afar.

Shows and events

Among the many events that G13 Gallery organizes throughout the year are solo and group exhibitions, art fairs and such. Besides that, G13 Gallery provides relevant consultation, advice and recommendations for corporate clients and art collectors alike.

The G13 Gallery represents various artists both from within and outside the country. This includes the likes of Kow Leong Kiang, Amy Nazira, Fadilah Karim and many others.

Exhibitions that have been organized by G13 gallery includes Beauty Behind the Madness, Gejolak and their own anniversary show. What makes G13 Gallery stand out among other art galleries around is its unique stature of offering an alternative art space for artists to fully showcase their body of works. As such, art lovers will find this space truly an artistic platform that exudes creativity, artistry and so much more, often bridging and connecting art with the community at every level.


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