Galeri Petronas

Prestige and Upscale

Galeri Petronas or Petronas Gallery is considered as one of the major and most prestigious art spaces in Malaysia. Owned and managed by national oil and gas company, Petronas and housed at Suria KLCC at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, this space is widely regarded as the standard setter for Malaysian artists. This means that for one to be recognized and to become an established artist in Malaysia, an association with Galeri Petronas would be quite the minimum standard.

CSR and art

The contemporary art gallery was established by Petronas as part of their effort to contribute to the arts and culture of Malaysia. It was set up in 1993 at Dayabumi Building before it moved and took up a large space within KLCC where it holds art exhibitions of art works from both local and international artists. Apart from paintings and sculptures, Galeri Petronas also hold seminars, talks, workshops, dialogues, discussions and all types of art related programmes which are aimed at promoting art to the general public. The gallery is spacious and it provides a conducive environment for anyone to learn more and appreciate Malaysian art at its best.

Special selected works

Works and artists are carefully selected by the gallery before the work are put on show here. Hence, one would have to gain some reputation in the art scene before they will be considered for exhibitions. However, Galeri Petronas too has their own discovery programmes where aspiring and young artists whose potential are seen as good are also given chances to showcase their works here.


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