Galeri Seni Mutiara

Galeri Seni Mutiara is a very established art gallery located in Penang. It is among the major advocates of the arts and culture in the northern region of Malaysia. Offering a wide range of art exhibitions for the art community in the country, Galeri Seni Mutiara hosts several exhibitions throughout the year. These shows are held usually to ensure that artists get the exposure they deserve to reach and connect to their rightful audiences.

Services by the gallery

Over the years, Galeri Seni Mutiara has carried out both solo and group art exhibitions with a strong focus on artists from Penang. As such, it is common for audiences to see a lot of works in the watercolour medium, a popular art from Penang.
Besides organizing exhibitions and shows, Galeri Seni Mutiara is involved in other art-related events. This includes offering advice, consultation and recommendations for both their individual and corporate clients. Galeri Seni Mutiara has been actively promoting the development of art not only from Penang but across the country as well. As such, the gallery represents a broad range of artists who are both coming up as well as those who are established.


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