Hin Bus Depot Art Centre

A modern art gallery whih took an old space and given a new breath of life, the Hin Bus Depot is a classic story for the arts. It started when an artist was looking for an exhibition location. This is the same artist who is known to have brought out the intricate murals of Lithuanian mural artist Ernest Zacharevic to Penang.

Classic architecture

The first show here was ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ which officiated the space in January 2014. This show was unique and successful at the same time. Using recycled items and products and converted into artwork, it attracted a lot of attention and very much put the Hin Bus Depot on the art map.

The name came from Hin Company Litd which was once a famous company that gave out motorbus licenses in Penang. This was the very place where buses were maintained and serviced and the rare architecture design has been maintained to modern day. Spanning across 60,000 square feet then, the space now is totally changed and today exudes arts and culture at its best to the visitors via performances, exhibitions and other events.


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