Where art and music convenes

Kerbauworks has perhaps one of the most interesting and unique names for an art gallery. This arts and culture space was opened and operated by Joe Kidd and Yee I-Lann, two very prominent figures in the Malaysian arts and music scene.

Playground for art

It prides itself to be a playground and exhibition space which is shared with The Ricecooker Archives. KerbauWorks is the perfect platform where art, music and the community can meet, exuding some of the most exciting creative output for the country. As such, you can be sure of enjoying some of the best and modern arts of Malaysia here. Besides that, this places offer a space for music and other performance arts as well.

Shows and service by KerbauWorks

What makes KerbauWorks such an interesting and sought after space is its no-holds-barred persona. Because of its contemporary and modern environment, it becomes a place where artists can be more expressive and possibly more explorative without any restrictions and limitations. Among the show that have been held here include the highly successful ‘Bahang’ that featured some of the intricate photography works of Choi.


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