Exciting New Space

The contemporary art space in Malaysia has underwent many changes and waves over the years. From the conventional art galleries to the more social media styled art spaces, many has emerged and established their own set of clientele and artists. One such space that came about in recent years is Lightbox.

Modern art

What makes Lightbox such an exciting art space is that it offers a no-boundaries type of environment for arts and culture to flourish. Since bursting into the scene in 2018, it has held events which are unconventional and out of the box. Unlike the more common art exhibitions and such, Lightbox has pushed the boundary further by offering more unique shows.

Unusual events

This is where Lightbox is seen as its strongest. Among the events that Lightbox has held include Songkran 2.0 Music Festival. Bringing the Thailand New Year or Water Festival to the Malaysian crowd is an ambitious move but in creating the buzz, it has been a huge success. Besides that, Lightbox hosted the lights art show entitled ‘Between the City and Stars’ which offered intriguing and artistic sets of lighting formed for excellent visual viewing.

29, Jalan LGSB 1/1,
Pusat Komersial LGSB,
OffJalan Hospital
Sungai Buloh


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