Minut Init Art Social

Melting pot for creativity

The Minut Init is a truly exciting art space. It opened its doors in November 2010. The founders, Dali Abdul Azis and James Ly wanted this space to provide the platform for artists to freely demonstrate and express themselves. This is where artists can use the platform to showcase their body of works without being intimidated or limited to any form of censorship of regulations.

Artists from all areas

The Minut Ini is made up of people who have been in the art scene. It represents practitioners from all areas of art and culture across the country and the region. This includes both the established ones as well as emerging artists and who are involved in all types of medium and media. Artists and practitioners can use this space to showcase, to exhibit, to perform, to express and most notably, to experiment, making it an ideal location for those who are open to change and creativity.

Evolving art space

When it started, Minut Init was known to be an ‘underground art gallery’. Today it has evolved to become an ‘Art Social’ space where art and society can connect better and more effectively.


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